"Katie Lee emergency contact info"

"Katie Lee emergency contact info"

If you need to get an emergency message to us you can either call the US Coast Guard, or use the internet to fill out a form at Boat Watch. It will come up in a new window, so you can see this info.

When entering the information on the form for starting an emergency contact request, the following questions will be asked, and I have provided the current information. I hope no one ever needs this.

Enter Vessel Name
Katie Lee
Home port Belfair, WA with USCG documentation number 642051.

Enter vessel description (length, color, sail configuration (sloop, ketch, etc), aft/mid cockpit, bimini color, wind vane, dinghy type and color, etc.)
45 foot, green hull, ketch, center cockpit, large white hard dodger, green sail covers, name in yellow in mizzen sail cover, cape horn windvane, yellow wooden dinghy on davits inshore or on foredeck for passages.

Next, it is helpful to know what communications capabilities are on board. Please indicate marine VHF, marine SSB, Amateur Radio, WinLink 2000, etc. Please indicate any known radio networks frequented if known. When was the last radio contact, on what frequency, and where was vessel then? Was a position report given?

406 GPS enabled EPRIB
Marine VHF call sigh WDF6870
HAM radio ICOM M710 callsign kb7kmo and kb7kmp

What is the vessel's itinerary, where and when were they last contacted, what is their destination and ETA?
Hopefully we told you...
I often at least tell Sherry via e-mail.

How many people are on board (give approximate ages, sex, and names if available)
Hopefully we told you again ...

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