My Favorite Tools

Some of my favorite tools that I use frquently during Sys Admin, depending upon the circumstances and available hardware, are listed here.

(Since my current laptop came with WindowsXP, this list is shorter than it used to be...  but I stlill don't like Windoz. ;^)

WinTel Tools for accessing unix systems

Xmanager 1.3.9 is a very good Xwindows emulater for Windoz

WinSCP2 is an scp look-a-like to ws_ftp32, both are GUI style drag-n-drop style file transfer programs

TeratermPro with the Secure Shell extension is a very useful terminal emulator.

Netswitcher to change LAN settings for my laptop between work locations.

GetRightdownload manager program for large internet downloads. (a 640Mb CD image in an hour on cable modem)

Linux tools:

Big Brother System and Network Monitor and lots of stuff from the contributed library of user contributed monitoring scripts.

The exim MTA allows the configuration of SpamAssassin in a way as to enable rejecting known spam during SNMP time and teergrubing the worst spammers.

For Apache:

phpSysInfo displays detailed system config and performance info.

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