Larry G. Littlefield

(206) 440-0281 • svkatielee at • 6-29-05

Efficiency Expert for Management of Larger Networks of Mostly Unix Systems

Talented, results-driven IT leader with versatile cross-platform experience in systems/network architecture; installation, implementation and integration; security; and administration in local and remote environments for diverse client industries (aerospace, telecommunications, manufacturing and small business).

Able to guide motivated, top-performing technical and application support teams in the administration, installation, training, and support of client/server hardware, software, peripherals, and networked systems for HP-UX, Linux, UNIX and Windows operating systems.

Proven success in delivering performance, reliability and productivity consulting – in production, operations and development environments – for LAN/WAN/telecommunication connectivity, security, and multi-platform design of Internet and client/server/database-related applications.

Originate IT management philosophies that achieve maximum reliability, uptime and ease of maintenance in operations or development.

Track record of helping numerous IT shops to significantly increase the number of systems per administrator, reduce software installation/update time and reduce unplanned system outages.

Provide employee training and knowledge transfer to ensure lasting value.

Computer Expertise

Over 10 years

Customer Service Technical Sales Support

HP-UX System Admin Sys admin tools SAM

Shell Script csh ksh Bourne bash HP SD OV/SD SD/UX Ignite/UX

DNS NIS DHCP TP/IP HP Glance PrefView PerfMon

5 to 10 years

IT/IS Consulting Productivity Enhancement

Project Mgt/Proj Life Cycle Linux RedHat Slackware

OpenView ITO ITA OpC AdC Web HTML Perl CGI

1 to 5 years

Database Install/Perf Oracle Sybase RPM pkgtools CFEngine

php BigBrother Nagios SUSE RAID EMC HPARRAY

As well as the required Windows software tools popular with management my entire career.


Independent Consulting Key Contributions (complete descriptions below)

  1. Improved upgrade/installation process of highly available production systems from 2 days to 2 hours through innovative techniques for large client server application consisting of replicated database servers and front-end processors. (AT&T)
  2. Reduced unplanned downtime in online production environment in large telecommunications company where downtime is valued in thousands of dollars per minute. Root cause analysis showed largest outage contributor was human error in implementing changes. (AT&T)
  3. Increased system administrator to machine ratio 700% by using innovative implementation of common sense management philosophies while tripling the number of HP-UX servers in OLTP production. (Boeing)
  4. Reduced system installation and configuration time from 21 days to 12 hours (hardware-on-site to production-ready) by automating entire software installation and configuration process. This included OS,  application software, database, data and unique configuration. Each of the 150 HP-UX mid- and high-end servers   had unique system configurations and data installations. (Boeing)
  5. Increased productivity and reliability of Technology Development and Support Group by 1,000% through creative management of OS releases, product releases, system patches, testing and product certification. (Boeing)
  6. Created and managed HP-UX, SGI, Term root cause analysis team in production environment developing Remedy Help Desk and problem tracking system for large telecom company. Reduced mean time to repair significantly. (US West)


Employment History


TCL Services, San Antonio, TX to Comforce Inc., Redmond, WA

10/03-pres. Lead system Build and Config Management Team – AT&T Wireless, Bothell, WA

Develop Ignite, Jumpstart and Kickstart software build environments that will support single click install including all 3 layers of software: OS, support and applications. Create self-healing config management environment with CFEngine. Manage off-shore and outsourcing resources.

TCL Services, San Antonio, TX to PugetTech Inc., Bellevue, WA

8/02-12/02 New data center move and standards consulting- Children’s Hospital, Seattle, WA

Port applications to 11.0 (Web, perl, 3rd party). Migrate all HPs to boot from EMC, manage move by installing second EMC frame in new data center, sync data, move redundant CPUs, reconnect, boot then move other CPUs.

8/02-3/03 Systems review recommend best practices, system monitor - Continental Mills, Seattle, WA

6/02-8/02 Evaluate Linux as WinXX replacement for print shop - Glenhill Graphics, Chicago, IL

Manpower Technical, Bellevue, WA to Hewlett Packard, Bellevue, WA

4/99-5/00 IT Architecture - AT&T Wireless, Bothell, WA

Evaluate all applicable new HP hardware/software for effectiveness at Wireless,

Including CPUs, disc subsystems, raid arrays, FC60, EMC, XP512, SAN. Solve system and software configuration management problems, system and application (sybase) performance consulting.

6/97-4/99 IT Architecture - Boeing Aircraft - DCAC Program, Renton, WA

Develop new procedure for deploying new HP systems (100+) into BAAN/Oracle environment.

4/96-5/97 Senior Technology Consultant - Boeing Technical Services, Bellevue, WA

6/95-12/95 Senior Computer Consultant - McCaw Cellular, Kirkland, WA


Hewlett Packard, Bellevue, WA

5/91-4/95 Senior Technical Consultant - Sales Support, Business Development, Technical Instructor, Seminar Development and Presentation, Technical Demonstration Development and Presentation, Technical Support, Help Desk

94-95 Telecommunications Senior IT Architect

93-94 Regional Expert/Resource for OpenView, Software Distributor, IT Architecture, IT Infrastructure

92-93 System Integration and Heterogeneous Inter-Operability (HP, SUN, Apollo, DEC, IBM, unix)

91-93 HP OpenView University, Senior System and Network Management Specialist, Senior Consultant, Mentor, Trainer, Advanced HP-UX System Admin Instructor, product support, internal system manager (HP-UX, RTE), internal network development and management (LAN, DS, WWW, HTML, Gofer, Archie, FTP, TC/IP, NFS, NIS, Mozilla)

Hewlett Packard, Tucson, AZ

82-91 Project Manager/Project Engineer Technical Consultant Technical Instructor

Space Biospheres Ventures Project  Hughes Aircraft Inspection Receiving Facility

Senior Technical Consultant, Product Support Specialist

Artificial Intelligence (AI, LISP, Prolog), Engineering Graphics System (EGS) and as a Specialist in CAD/CAM, Dedicated test controllers (DTS)


Professional and Industry Training - Hewlett Packard, Ft Collins, CO

MS - Electrical Engineering/ Computer Engineering - University of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM

BS - Industrial Arts Education double major - Eastern New Mexico University Portales, NM



Project Descriptions

AT&T Wireless, Seattle, WA - Primary project:

Systems: HP, Solaris, RedHat

Problem: Antiquated install and system admin techniques. Mis-configured systems and applications causing long outages. New product rollout without adequate testing. No coordinated monitoring strategy. Many point solutions without full implementation.

Solution: Create organized managed depots for each OS. Create and implement repeatable procedures for maintenance and use of depots. Implement CFEngine to manage application config files and significant OS config files. Extend CFEngine to manage custom and OS packages. Utilize and manage off-shore and outsource scripters and programmers. Assisted design and implementation of Nagios alearting tools.

AT&T Wireless, Seattle, WA - Primary project:

Systems: HP T600s, K-, L-, N- & R-series, PCs with Red Hat Linux, EMC, HP Array, HP SANS,

Problem: 50 HP-UX systems in Seattle and 50 in Dallas were to be kept in sync, one city is backup for the other. The configuration had too much downtime due to software configuration errors and mean time to repair. They needed to upgrade to Version 11.0 by five-system clusters without significant downtime. They need to add 20 systems to each site for new applications. They needed to reduce human error and labor costs in the resulting environment reduce the number of Sys Admins required to manage the environment.

Solution: Configure hardware identical for every cluster. Use customized network based install (HP Ignite/UX) to make system software identical. Custom package third party software, OS customize scripts and application software so it can be part of the Ignite image. Install Ignite image on development system and clone disks (dd) for all systems in the cluster. Shutdown systems, switch disks to the upgraded set. Reboot and do final configure by hand ( IP and hostname ). Result was two hours downtime for upgrade of each cluster and less ongoing downtime for mis-configured software due to human error. All source software maintained in depot for comparison, verification and audit trail. Any system can now be reconstructed from scratch in under 3 hours from the Ignite depot.

Boeing Aircraft, DCAC Renton, WA - Primary Project:

Systems: HP K, H, G series, some R series, PCs with Linux

Problem: DCAC needed to add 100 new systems to the network of 55. The existing organization had an average of 1˝ systems per Sys Admin. There weren't enough Sys Admins in Seattle market to staff the new configuration. Previously each new system, application software and data set took 21 days to install. Downtime and mean time to repair software problems was much too high.

Solution: Increased systems per Sys Admin to ten-to-1 by creating a "management by class" concept where each system was installed identically to all others performing the same function. Created custom network-based install packages for each system class. Developed database-derived custom parameters for each machine. The install scripts call custom PERL scripts, which call Oracle database with IP to find the install time custom options per system. Custom packaged all software (Local, Public domain and commercial COTS) for network installation. Developed a planned installation algorithm based on OpenView Software Distributor’s master and slave depots. Reduced install time to one day for hardware, and four hours for all system software, native and 3rd party applications, and data sets. Changed all system software maintenance to automated network installs to ensure all systems in a given class remained identical. A reduced number of Sys Admins handled all the old and the new systems. Did not need to hire new Sys Admins. Some existing personnel moved to "script design and automated maintenance" to support the new paradigm. Developed web based monitoring system to verify system configuration consistency utilizing standard unix tools.


Boeing Aircraft, Tech Services, Bellevue, WA - Primary Project

Problem: Too many OS and product revisions and too few people. Solution: Architect, develop and implement software management and certification strategies for company-wide use of HP-UX in Boeing's "Technical Support for HP-UX" group. This included developing strategies for maintaining depots of multiple revisions of HP-UX 9.x, 10.x and 11.x and associated system patches. Acted as the liaison between Boeing and Hewlett Packard for system patch testing, new product evaluation and technical information. Developed standards for custom packaging local and third party software for inclusion in the standard depots. Automated the depot management and verification processes.

Technologies utilized: Project Management, HTML, DNS, NFS, Perl, php, HP-UX, SAM, HP Software Distributor, SD/UX, HP OpenView, Unix Shell script, TC/IP, Ignite/UX, Oracle, HP M/C ServiceGuard, NNM, Network Node Manager, SNMP, C, Fortran, Basic, HP PerfMon, HP PerfView, MS Project, MS Word